September 2003

With THE ISRAELI Air Force in Sardinia!

A further highlight !!

Before we deliver the first Jets to Poland end of this month, we wrote history again with our MiGs .
We went to our training area in Sardinia, Decimomannu, where the Luftwaffe practices for many years. This time, we had not only the Fighter Wing 71"Richthofen" from Wittmund as training partners but for the first time also F-15 fighter planes of the Israeli Air Force. For the Israeli Air Force it was likewise in various regard a premiere: the first exercise in Europe, with Luftwaffe and to this extent.
New views! Getting ready for the fight - MiGs behind F-15. Even AWACS from Geilenkirchen supported our Training!
On the way to the trainig area over water.
Thnks to our maintenance - we had an exceptional aircraft status.
Great pictutre with all participants!   On the way home over the alps.   When departing Deci to Israel the Commander greeted us with a Fly-By!
The enterprise began very friendly and calm and the flying business something scanning and reservedly. However already after the first flights it became clear, how similar our procedures and tactics were. So very quickly a good work climate was given and both sides learned am lot of each other. Without only the breath of irritations we exchanged on flying over 2 weeks and regret that this was first and the last enterprise of this kind!