Small Videos of MiG-29
2,2 MB 1,3 MB 1,7 MB
MiG-29 shooting an R-60 APHID A two-ship firing simultaneously. Very impressive how the missile leaves the jet!

2,3 MB 3,9 MB 3,9 MB
Towards the sun! IFR approach in good old German Landing at night under
  weather conditions! instrument conditions



1,9 MB 2,2 MB 2,0 MB
Golden sunshine above the clouds Entering dark clouds MiGs rolling aroud each other.
and Migs diving towards IMC    



3,8 MB 3,5 MB 936 kB
Formation take off Entering the clouds Pull up of the wingman
into bad weather inclose formation



5,4 MB 5,7 MB 3,7 MB (.mpg)
Aileron Roll above the clouds 29+20 by the tower Afterburner Take-Off
(in better quality)