Fulcrum A: MiG-29 (Variant 1, Product 9-12)

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This is the land-based, single-seater version which in Russia and around the world makes the greatest share of the MiG 29 fleets.

For Warsaw pact states the export version got the name MiG 29 A of (9-12 A). This version was almost identical with the Russian jets. After the german Luftwaffe made some small changes (western navigation system and IFF as well as English instrumentation) this variant was called MiG 29 G. For export to some countries (Hungaria, Cuba, Iran, Yugoslawia, Syria, Iraq, Romania and India), it bear the name MiG 29 B (9-12 B). These don't have the full capabilities with respect to radar (N o19EB) and friend or foe identification.



- SUV weapons control system

- N-019A „Rubin" (NATO Code: Slotback) puls-doppler radar with look-down- shoot-down capability

(N-019EA or EB for export)

APickup ranges: 

head on ~70km, persuit ~35km

only single target track.

- pilot´s helmet mounted sight system.

It can slew missile seaker heads, IRSTS and radar

- KOLS 29: infrared sensor for close air combat with laser range finder

- SPO-15 „Beryoza" (L-006) radar warning receiver

- 2 x BVP Chaff / flare dispenser system 30 cartridges each

- SRO-2/SRZ-15 IFF

- hydromechanical flight control system (no fly-by-wire) with several autopilot modes

- several navigation sytems (ARK=NDB, RSBN=TACAN, PRMG=ILS)

- Inertial navigation system (3 aerodromes and 3 waypoints only)

- R-862 radio

- LASUR data link



empty:                 10900kg

weapons load:        upto 2000kg

fuel amount:          internal: 3200kg

                           external: 1x1150kg jettisonable centerline tank

Some MiG 29 of the JG 73 "S" can in addition carry two 890 kg/1150 ltr wing drop tanks instead of the two R 27 missiles. This is a late German modification. The iranian air forces equipped their MiG 29 with a newly developed rigid air refuelling probe.

normal combat mass: 16.980kg



2xKlimov RD-33 with 81,4KN / 8.300kp each

thrust to weight ratio on T/O: 1 : 0,97

thrust to weight ratio, no external tanks, 2.000kg fuel and 4 x R73: 1 : 1,19


Performance data:

max airspeed (theoretically):  high altitude 2445km/h (ground speed)/ Mach 2,35

                                        low altitude: 1500km/h (ground speed) (810KIAS)

With a configuration including weapons a max speed of 1.7 mach at high altitude is realistic for ashort period of time. At low altitudes 1300km/h (700KIAS) clean, and 1100km/h (600KIAS) with centerline fuel tank.

max ceiling: >18.000m

Max. g-load: with centerline tank: 9G   (with fuel in the tank. 4G)

     >960km/h:     7G

     <960km/h:     9G



Air to air: upto 6 Missiles, mixture of:

2 x R-27R (AA-10a/Alamo A) semi active radar missile medium range or 2 x R-27 T (AA-10b/Alamo B) infrared heat seeking missles

4-6 x R-73 (AA-11/ Archer) highly agile, short rang infrared heat seeking missile

4-6 x R-60 (AA-8/Aphid) very short rang infrared heat seeking missile

plus 150 rounds of 30mm multi purpose ammunition for the internal gun (1600-1800Schuß/min)

Air to ground:

8 x FAB250 kg mulit purpose bombs

4 x FAB500 kg multi pupose bombs

4 x rocket launchers for 80mm/130mm or 240mm unguide rockets

4 x KMGU cluster bombs

Nuclear weapons only russia