Variants of the MiG-29 

Here we try to identify the known  variants and models of the MiG 29 family. The information is based on open sources and the MiG CD-ROM as well as experiences of the JG 73 "Steinhoff" and conversations with MiG-MAPO.

Fulcrum A: MiG-29 (Variant 1, Product 9-12)

Fulcrum A: MiG-29 SD

Fulcrum B: MiG-29 UB (Variant 2)

Fulcrum C: MiG-29 (Variant 3, Product 9-13)

Fulcrum C: MiG-29 S (Variant 5/8/9) (9-13S)

Fulcrum C: MiG-29 SE (Variant 6)

Fulcrum C: MiG-29 SM

Fulcrum D: MiG-29K (Variant 11; Product 9-31)

Fulcrum E: MiG-29M / ME (Variant 12/13; Product 9-15)

MiG-29 SMT (Product 9-17)

MiG-29 UBT

MiG-29 Sniper